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  • 연구/산학
  • 우수연구자소개
  • 글씨크기확대
  • 글자크기기본
  • 글씨크기축소
  • 인쇄
*기준 : 2016년 JCR 5% 이내 학술지 논문게재


  • 윤병욱

    • University. 농업생명과학대학
    • Department. 식물생명과학전공
    • Major. 식물분자병리학

    Research Achievements.

    • Nitric oxide and S-nitrosoglutathione function additively during plant immunity 「New Phytologist」
  • 이성은

    • University. 농업생명과학대학
    • Department. 환경생명화학전공
    • Major. 생명유기화학, 천연물화학

    Research Achievements.

    • Lead and copper immobilization in a shooting range soil using soybean stover- and pine needle-derived biochars: Chemical, microbial and spectroscopic assessments 「Journal of Hazardous Materials」
  • 권중호

    • University. 농업생명과학대학
    • Department. 식품생물공학전공
    • Major. 식품화학

    Research Achievements.

    • Worldwide status of fresh fruits irradiation and consumer concerns about quality, safety, and acceptance 「Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition」
  • 김수린

    • University. 농업생명과학대학
    • Department. 식품응용공학전공
    • Major. 식품미생물공학

    Research Achievements.

    • PHO13 deletion-induced transcriptional activation prevents sedoheptulose accumulation during xylose metabolism in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae 「Metabolic Engineering」